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Welcome to MECA!

MECA is the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, a club and contest organization.  We have car shows with music, fair and fun contests for people who love cars and trucks and the mobile electronics, and bling, that are used to customize our rides.  Competive car/truck/motorcycle exhibitions with our Show & Shine score sheet are offered at most events.  Our Sound Quality League and Sound Pressure League contests are designed for all levels of competitors, beginner to advanced professional.  Ride the Light specialty lighting contests are great night-time events.  MECA Kids is our bass music contest using powerwheels toys with our MECA Kids operating the audio systems.

Click here to download our current rulebook.

Our Rules Page includes an SPL Quick-Reference Classification guide, as well as calculators to assist in choosing a class. Click here to Check it out.

Winning at MECA Sound Pressure League contests is not solely dependent on how much money is spent and what equipment is run. The classification based on fusing and cone area puts efficiency ahead of all else, and makes the contest very fair. The fuses don't care what amplifier is drawing current through them. They only care about how much current(amperage) is drawn. This allows everyone a chance, even if they aren't hardcore competitors. So if the question, "Should I compete?" enters your mind, the answer is a resounding YES! because our rules will afford everyone a chance. Our Judges and Members will also be happy to help you learn and grow. 

Competing in MECA's Sound Quality League is all about sound quality and excellence of installation.  It's not about product, personalities, or politics.  It's about performance.  Live, rich, full-balanced sound is what we listen for.  Safety and outstanding appearance are what we look for, displaying the talents and skills of our Members, and our Retail Members who provide professional installation services.

 Everyone is invited to participate in our club and contest activities.  MECA State Champion credentials earn bragging rights, and our World Champions are recognized among the most accomplished competitors in organized car audio sports.

Thanks to our Competitors, Judges, FansRetail Members, and Manufacturer Members for all the support and participation that brings us together.

MECA News and Announcements

How Points Sharing Works for Finals

Our club is sharing points with other organizations so that Members can make it to Finals. This is an allowance for those who do not qualify in the normal way.  Events for dB Drag Racing, IASCA, and USACi are set up on our Events Schedule for tracking shared points, with the date at 9/01/2014.. The organizations allow 25% of required points to be obtained this way, with credit given just like 1X single point events.   So for MECA that's 10 points, and basically 2 score sheets shared from other organizations where the competitor took 1st place in their class.  Since the MECA Member did not purchase a MECA score sheet, and everyone else does for their contests, there is a $20/score sheet fee.  Event results link(s) are sent to the Commissioner who verifies that the MECA Member was at another sanctioned event, and the results are listed in the appropriate org's 9/01/14 event titled "Points Sharing".  This allowance is only to be used to get the required points necessary to qualify for Finals, and is not for points chasers to accumulate more points.
One of the main goals of MECA is to get as many people as possible qualified and participating in Finals, by the Rules requiring 40 points.

We expect 100+ USA vehicles at the 2014 World Finals Soundfest, held in conjunction with the Car Audio Championship in Nashville at the Tennessee State Fairgournds on October 17 - 19th.

This year MECA will have 3 Members from Mexico and 1 Member from Canada competing at Finals.  

September 28th is the last date to earn points, and any info regarding points sharing must be submitted to the Commisioner by October 1st.

Pre-registration ends on October 6th.


2014 MECA Club Award Voting Starts Now

2014 MECA Club Awards Voting Begins Now Copy the list and vote for your favorite MECAheads, the people who made things happen in and out of the lanes. Please do not vote here. Only MECA Members votes count. Send your votes to: Club Awards will be plaques presented at the 2014 World Finals Soundfest in Nashville, TN on October 18th. MECA's Finals will be held at the TN State Fairgrounds, and is part of the Car Audio Championship event. Here's the list. Please help us fill in the blanks:

MECAhead of the Year - 
Competitor of the Year - 
Mike Bayler SQL Sportsmanship Award - 
Retail Member of the Year - 
SQL Rookie of the Year - 
SPL Rookie of the Year - 
2014 Distinguished Service Award - 
SQL Hatfield & McCoy Award - 
SPL Hatfiled & McCoy Award -
Stinking Loud Award - 
Neighborhood Nuisance Award -  
Motormouth Award - 
Survivor Award - 
Johnny Appleseed Award -
SPL Judge of the Year - 
SQL Judge of the Year - 
Event Director of the Year - 
Team of the Year - 
Loud Spouses - 
Judge Team of the Year - 
MECA Spirit Award - 
SPL Spirit Award - 
Show & Shine Spirit Award - 
Park & Pound Spirit Award - 
SQL Spirit Award - 
Manufacturer of the Year -  
Best Press Coverage Award - 
Pioneer Award - 
2014 Venue of the Year - 
TCB Award - 
12 Volt Industry Award -   
Distributor of the Year - 
Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award - 


Getting Your Finals Invite and Pre-registration Info

Our World Finals Soundfest Qualification Check is ready to use, under Events, at our web site.  Make sure the contact information is correct, especially email address.  Then, you will get your Invitation and RSVP with payment information for the event.  If you have any questions, please call 615-851-7428.
Pre-registration deadline is October 6, 2014.
Good luck to our qualified Members!  We are planning for a big event.


Finals Judge Teams

The Sound Quality League judge team for our 2014 World Finals Soundfest is:

Matt Roberts (SC) Head Judge, Install, RTA Freq Out, scorekeeper
Grace Hedrick (SC) Head Scorekeeper

Sound Quality
Jonathan Babulal (Trinidad)
David Hogan (AL)
Vinny Taylor (TN)

Sound Pressure League judge team to be announced here as soon as everyone is confirmed.


2014 World Finals Soundfest Invites










Our club begins the Finals process the 1st week of September with Invites being sent by email.  Members will be able to "Check Qualification" and verify contact information, especially email address on this site.  When that is complete and we receive your verification notice, an email will be sent for each class that qualifies with 40 points.  The link should be working by the 3rd or 4th.

A simple RSVP will be included with information on pre-registration and payment for entry fee, which is $165 and includes power drop.  All vehicles must be pre-registered by October 6th for SQL, SPL, and MECA Kids contests.

Show & Shine and Ride the Light compeitors are not required to pre-register for those contests.  

All MECA Members are encourage to enter Show & Shine, especially those who have not participated in areas where those contests have not been readily available.  We want our Members to take home the experience and fun of our Show & Shine contests, and build the demand for these contests in their area.

A timetable will be available on-line once it is complete.  Basic times, subject to change::

Stock and Street Sound Quality judging will be done on Saturday morning starting at 8 AM.  No SQL vehicles will be judged on Friday.  This is a timetable revision.

Friday, October 17 -  Pull-in at 4 PM, Doors close at 10 PM
Saturday, October 18 - Pull-in at 7:30 - 9:30 AM.  Show opens at 10 AM SPL Qualifying and SQL judging.  Show over at 11 PM.
Sunday, October 19 - Pull-in at 8 AM, SQL Judging & SPL Finals, awards at 5:30 PM, show closes at 7 PM

SPL and SQL Judge Teams to be announced soon.

National Points Champions plaques and club recognition awards will be presented at the event.

Trailer parking available at no charge.

RV's can camp and hook-up for ~ $35 night.  Spot must be reserved in advance.

Vehicles that park inside may leave facility after show closes, unless parked in designated display area (can be moved at the end of the show on Sunday).  Once parked, vehicles cannot be moved until the show closes at the end of the day.

Spectators only $5/day admission at the gate.

Parking free for Competitor vehicles.  Parking pass will be emailed to be printed out and brought to show.  Place on dashboard.

Vehicles locked down in buildings with 24 hour security

Gas tanks no more than 1/4 full.  Tape gas doors shut.  

No alcohol.

More info coming in the next few weeks.

We are going to have a huge fun event in Nashville.  Bring your A-game! :)


United Finals Host Hotel Reservation Info

The Holiday Inn Express - Nashville Airport is the host hotel for the 2014 United Finals October 17 - 19th.  Please make sure you provide the Group Name and Group Code (listed below) to get the best rate.

1111 Airport Center Drive
Nashville, TN   37214

Link to the hotel website:

Reservations:  1-888-465-4329

Group Name:  Car Audio

Group Code:  CAR

Reservation Deadline:  October 3, 2014

Rate:  $109/night + tax


We also have a great arrangement for $62.10/night + tax = $75 about 15 minute ride at I-65, exit 97 - north of Nashville in Goodlettsville at the Quality Inn.  This includes breakfast.  Call 615-859- 5400 if you have questions for them.
925 Conference Drive, 37072.
The best fastest way to get this rate is to go to and register there for the $62.10 + tax online deal at the Quality Inn in Goodlettsville.


2014 United Finals Announced!

MECA, IASCA, USACi, and dBDRA Announce United Finals at Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN on October 17-19, 2014

USACi joins Unified Car Audio Championship 

Upon further collaboration with the Unified Car Audio Championship, encompassing three of the four major competition organizations, USACi has confirmed they will complete the Unified effort by hosting their annual Finals event at the Unified Car Audio Championship in Nashville, Tennessee. This now brings all four major car audio competition organizations (USACi, IASCA, dB Drag, MECA) under one roof for a co-located annual Finals competition event and mobile electronics show, being organized at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on October 18th and 19th, 2014. 
The goal of the event is to bring exposure of the mobile electronics industry to the public; the event will not only include the Finals competitions for each organization, it will feature a mobile electronics showcase of the latest and greatest in products from manufacturers in the industry.
“USACi is honored once again to be able to participate in what we consider the industry’s premier event. Competitors from across the country will be able to participate in multiple events at one location in a way that they have never been able to before. The unified finals is good for the industry and we are happy to be a part of it,” said Ralph Randall, President of USACi.
"IASCA Worldwide Inc. is very excited that USACi will be joining us again in 2014" said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA "The event is about the competitors and gaining exposure for the mobile electronics industry; we're all coming together and coordinating this event as a whole, not as four separate orgs. This collaborative effort shows industry that we all have their best interests at heart."
"MECA welcomes USACi and the competitors who will be joining in the fun at this huge meeting of the most dedicated car audio people in the USA.  Last year’s United Finals in Huntsville, AL was really good, and 2015 will be even better.  We will be rockin’ the Music City with an off-the-charts mega event!" said Steve Stern, President
"The dB Drag Racing Association is glad to have USACi under the same roof. USACi has a strong competitor base and is an important part of the sound off scene. With several crossover competitors and sponsors in all organizations, this makes it much easier for everyone. " said Celise Harris, Marketing Director for the dB Drag Racing Association.
From a competition standpoint, competitors who compete in multiple organizations can do so in one trip as opposed to multiple weekends, saving them a significant amount of time and money. A unique feature of the event is the time schedule; all sound quality competition will take place in the morning into early afternoon and all SPL competition will take place in the afternoon and into the evening, allowing for ideal judging conditions in sound quality and creating a party type of atmosphere on Saturday night.
For more information on the Unified Car Audio Championship, including event info, booth space availability and registrations, contact Celise Harris (dB Drag) at, Steve Stern (MECA) at, Ralph Randall (USACi) at or Moe Sabourin (IASCA) at 


2014 Sound Pressure League Divisions, Classes & Brackets




2013 MECA World SPL/SQL Champions

2013 MECA SPL World Champions     2013 MECA SQL World Champions


Weekly Events

No events found.

MECA is part of, and serves, the Mobile Electronics, or 12 Volt, Industry.  MECA is an Allied Association of the Consumer Electronics Association and works to promote our Manufacturer and Retail Members with cost-effective, grassroots, partnership/sponsorship programs.

One of the benefits of club membership is a discount at Motel 6 that will save you 10% on any stay at these inns.  You will need to use the corporate code CP546310 for Motel 6, or click the logo above and you'll be taken to the Motel 6 site to make a reservation.

Cards with the information are sent with all memberships.

Thanks to Motel 6 for being the official motels of MECA!



2014 International Top 10 SPL Scores

SPL Logo
Craig ButlerXGA181.50
Steve MickM5OH165.10
Ryan WarnickM4IL161.20
Kenneth ColemanM5NV160.00
Clayton KoenigXPA159.90
Ricco RatliffM4OH159.20
William CoatsM4AL158.70
Don WardM5PA158.50
Jeremy KoughXKY158.20
Isaac SinghXTR157.90

2014 International Top 10 Park & Pound Scores

C J HensonDB5OH137.80
Steve MickDB5OH137.30
Anthony CaldwellDB5TN136.80
Rob HippsDB4FL136.50
Don WardDB5PA135.70
Kenneth ColemanDB5NV135.70
Chris EvansDB5KY135.30
Chris HansfordDB5KY134.90
Ricco RatliffDB4OH133.90
Heath McCurdyDB5AL133.70

Graphic on MECA's 1st t-shirt, now reissued and available in white.

2014 International Top 10 SQ Scores

SQL Logo
Only 3X points events SQ results are displayed.
Mark EldridgeMSTROK88.50
Rick PhillipsMSTX86.25
Jonathan BabulalMSTRTR86.00
Cuong BuiMODXTX85.75
Kirk ProffittMODXAL85.30
Scott WelchXTRCA84.67
Linda KobayashiXTRCA84.67
Rick NicholsXTRIL84.00
Tim SmithMODTN83.25
Daniel GreenwoodMODTX83.25

2014 International Top 10 SQ2 Scores

Mark EldridgeSQ2POK175.25
Cory BradleySQ2IN162.50
Scott WelchSQ2PCA153.50
Bob JohannSQ2IL153.00
Ron BakerSQ2PPA149.25
Kyle RagsdaleSQ2TN148.50
Harold JonesSQ2PVA146.50
Robert CorwinSQ2POH146.00
ignacio TorresSQ2PMX140.00
John HrabikSQ2PPA126.00

2014 International Top 10 Install Scores

Brian MitchellXTRINCA95.50
Brian MaysSTRINSC95.00
Robert CorwinMOINSOH89.00
Mark EldridgeXTRINOK89.00
Robert HiltonMOINSGA87.00
Daniel HoffmanMOINSAZ84.00
Tony HortonSTRINPA83.50
Ignacio TorresXTRINMX82.00
Donovin GleatonSTRINOH81.00
John HrabikXTRINPA80.00