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Welcome to MECA!

MECA is the Mobile Electronics Competition Association, a club and contest organization.  We have car shows with music, fair and fun contests for people who love cars and trucks and the mobile electronics, and bling, that are used to customize our rides.  Competive car/truck/motorcycle exhibitions with our Show & Shine score sheet are offered at most events.  Our Sound Quality League and Sound Pressure League contests are designed for all levels of competitors, beginner to advanced professional.  Ride the Light specialty lighting contests are great night-time events.  MECA Kids is our bass music contest using powerwheels toys with our MECA Kids operating the audio systems.

Our Rules Page includes an SPL Quick-Reference Classification guide, as well as calculators to assist in choosing a class. Click here to Check it out.

Winning at MECA Sound Pressure League contests is not solely dependent on how much money is spent and what equipment is run. The classification based on fusing and cone area puts efficiency ahead of all else, and makes the contest very fair. The fuses don't care what amplifier is drawing current through them. They only care about how much current(amperage) is drawn. This allows everyone a chance, even if they aren't hardcore competitors. So if the question, "Should I compete?" enters your mind, the answer is a resounding YES! because our rules will afford everyone a chance. Our Judges and Members will also be happy to help you learn and grow. 

Competing in MECA's Sound Quality League is all about sound quality and excellence of installation.  It's not about product, personalities, or politics.  It's about performance.  Live, rich, full-balanced sound is what we listen for.  Safety and outstanding appearance are what we look for, displaying the talents and skills of our Members, and our Retail Members who provide professional installation services.

 Everyone is invited to participate in our club and contest activities.  MECA State Champion credentials earn bragging rights, and our World Champions are recognized among the most accomplished competitors in organized car audio sports.

Thanks to our Competitors, Judges, FansRetail Members, and Manufacturer Members for all the support and participation that brings us together.

MECA News and Announcements

Welcome American Bass

Welcome to Bob at American Bass, our newest Manufacturer Member.  We appreciate the support and participation from Bob, and all American Bass gear owners.  

Make sure you list Team American Bass on your score sheet if you use American Bass products in your system.


2014 MECA Rulebook FREE Download/View Here

The full 2014 MECA Rulebook is free and available on-line..  Follow the links below to download or view a copy for yourself.

2014 MECA Full Rulebook (pdf - 1.67mb)

2014 MECA SPL Rulebook (pdf - 1.29mb)

2014 MECA SQL Rulebook (pdf - 1.31mb)

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2014 Joint Finals Announced!

MECA, IASCA and dBDRA Announce Joint Finals at Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN on October 18-19, 2014

Car Audio Competition organizations dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA), Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) and International Autosound Challenge Association (IASCA) are once again joining forces to produce a joint finals event. The event will be held at the Nashville Expo Center at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN, home of the Nashville Speedway, during the weekend of October 18-19, 2014. This event will include all competitors from SQ to SPL and will allow for the opportunity to compete in multiple formats all at the same venue.

The venue will allow for separate SQ and SPL competition areas, as well as a car show and demo area. As in 2013, the event will feature a “Quiet Zone” for SQ Judging in MECA and IASCA each morning of the event and plans are under way for the option of Friday night judging of sound quality vehicles. The SPL competition will take place in the show arena with pit stalls for all competitors that include electrical power. The Sound Quality competitions will take place in the Creative Arts Building, with the manufacturer displays being the central focus of the building, flanked by the top sound quality cars from across the country.

The goal for IASCA has always been to give back to our members; the last two years of unification have been successful with not only our members, but with industry as well. The markets in which we have hosted this event have seen benefits as well, especially with the local retailers. We want to keep that momentum going and our decision on location was based on keeping it entertaining for all involved. Nashville provides entertainment value for all who attend and by bringing the event to that city, we can offer attractions we couldn’t in the past. Our members have asked for the show to be there since we began our unified effort and this is our way of saying we’re listening to what they want. IASCA is truly excited to be going to Nashville for 2014 and we are proud to be aligning with dB Drag Racing and MECA once again!

Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA

The dBDRA is a proud partner in this continuing endeavor. Nashville is one of our favorite cities to host finals. It is centrally located to many of the dBDRA competitors that reside east of the Mississippi. We look forward to a great event with the IASCA and MECA competitors.

Wayne Harris, President of the dB Drag Racing Association


In addition to the SPL competition, the Sound Quality event will be enhanced at the event this year. “Come and listen to show cars with sound systems so clear, you'd swear you were at the concert! Demo vehicles and competition will be on display in the hall, for the car stereo expo,” adds Steve Stern of MECA. 

For more information on exhibiting or sponsorships at the event, please contact Steve Stern at 615-851-7428 or


2014 Sound Pressure League Divisions, Classes & Brackets




2013 MECA World SPL/SQL Champions

2013 MECA SPL World Champions     2013 MECA SQL World Champions


Weekly Events

East Valley SPL Smackdown

Tempe, AZ

Hosted by East Valley SPL
Superior Racing Development, 1980 E. 5th Street, 85281
Points: 1

Sunshine State Sound-off II

Orlando, FL

Hosted by Octave Audio
5651 Commerce Drive, Suite 5, 32839
Points: 2

Unique Sound Smackdown III

Mattoon, IL

Hosted by Unique Sounds Audio & Detailing, 507 N. Logan
Coles County Airport, 432 Airport Road, 61938
Points: 2

Treasure Coast Showdown

Stuart, FL

Hosted by Nash's World of Sound & Team Prototype
2766 SE Federal Highway, 34994
Points: 1

Shake The Lake

Erie, PA

Hosted by Custom Audio
4453 W. Ridge Road, 16506
Points: 2

MECA is part of, and serves, the Mobile Electronics, or 12 Volt, Industry.  MECA is an Allied Association of the Consumer Electronics Association and works to promote our Manufacturer and Retail Members with cost-effective, grassroots, partnership/sponsorship programs.

One of the benefits of club membership is a discount at Motel 6 that will save you 10% on any stay at these inns.  You will need to use the corporate code CP546310 for Motel 6, or click the logo above and you'll be taken to the Motel 6 site to make a reservation.

Cards with the information are sent with all memberships.

Thanks to Motel 6 for being the official motels of MECA!



2014 International Top 10 SPL Scores

SPL Logo
Craig ButlerXGA181.50
Steve MickM5OH165.10
Ryan WarnickM4IL161.20
Kenneth ColemanM5NV160.00
Ricco RatliffM4OH159.20
William CoatsM4AL158.70
Jeremy KoughXKY158.20
Isaac SinghXTR157.90
Tim HarmeningM5CA157.90
Senchez RichardsonXTN157.80

2014 International Top 10 Park & Pound Scores

C J HensonDB5OH137.80
Steve MickDB5OH137.30
Anthony CaldwellDB5TN136.80
Kenneth ColemanDB5NV135.70
Chris EvansDB5KY135.30
Don WardDB5PA135.20
Chris HansfordDB5KY134.90
Ricco RatliffDB4OH133.90
Scott VossDB5CA133.10
Will MantloDB5TN132.70

Graphic on MECA's 1st t-shirt, now reissued and available in white.

2014 International Top 10 SQ Scores

SQL Logo
Only 3X points events SQ results are displayed.
Jonathan BabulalMSTRTR86.00
Kirk ProffittMODXAL85.30
John PionkeXTRTN82.25
Erin HardisonXTRAL82.00
Chuck WhiteMODGA82.00
Scott WelchXTRCA81.86
Jason BertholomayMODNC81.50
Tim SmithMODTN81.30
Brian MitchellMSTRCA81.16
Mark EldridgeMSTROK80.63

2014 International Top 10 SQ2 Scores

Mark EldridgeSQ2POK156.25
Scott WelchSQ2PCA153.50
Bob JohannSQ2IL153.00
Ron BakerSQ2PPA149.25
Harold JonesSQ2PVA146.50
Robert CorwinSQ2OH139.25
John HrabikSQ2PA99.25
Geoff SchneiderSQ2OH1.00

2014 International Top 10 Install Scores

Brian MitchellXTRINCA95.50
Mark EldridgeXTRINOK89.00
Robert CorwinMOINSOH89.00
Brian MaysSTRINSC88.50
Daniel HoffmanMOINSAZ84.00
Julian RidiMOINSCD75.00
John HrabikXTRINPA72.00
Donovin GleatonSTRINOH70.00
Jordan Van CleefSTRINTN69.00
Videsh TolanStrInTR68.00