Results Reporting Information

We try to have results up within 72 hours, that's 3 days. Sometimes it takes longer, depending on circumstances relating to working with the Event Director.   Some Event Directors have the time to post their own results, and those are the ones that you see, usually, posted within a day or so.

The rest are sent to the Commissioner for review and posting. Results are received via e-mail, and the mail. It's best if results are entered directly from the score sheets, but sometimes they don't get to the office for a week or so, and sometimes months.

If results are not received within 7 days of the event, the Commissioner gets in touch with the person responsible. Some people respond better than others. Every Event Director cares about doing a good job and reporting results on time, but some have priorities and responsibilities, and time constraints that supersede MECA duties.

The Commissioner works on results every day, entering data and correcting mistakes. Please remember that we are entering 1000's of bits of data for every event. There will be mistakes, but they will be fixed.  It normally takes at least an hour to enter and review results. The big shows can take 2 - 3 hours, or more.  Members are asked to give us at least a week before they freak about results not being posted.

Bottom line: at the end of the season, as long as the results have been sent in, we will make sure that the points are correct. If there are issues with errant Event Directors (and this does happen) we will work with our Members to make sure they get credit for their participation in our contests.

This is a good time to remind everyone to get your yellow copies of your score sheets at every event and keep them in case of any issues.

If the results aren't posted, then they have not been received. If we don't have them, then we are waiting on them. Event Directors are responsible for getting the results reported and sent in a timely manner. Contact your Event Director if you don't see results after a couple of weeks, or you see an error. And, of course, you can contact the Commissioner at any time.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

MECA Club & "dB Club" Stickers

For our Sound Pressure League Competitors, "dB Club" stickers that display your "Certified Score" are sent with your new membership, and afterwards, by request only. 

Starting February 2011, all League (SPL & SQL) and "dB Club" decals will be in Silver only.

The stickers go up 5 dB, so when your score improves and you acheive the "next level", please contact the Commissioner via PM, phone, or e-mail at with your Name, Class, Address, and Event name and date, and the appropriate sticker will be sent via USPS.

Scores at 1X Single Point events do not count.  Only scores at 2X and 3X events count.

Sound Pressure decals start at 125+ dB (silver)

Park & Pound decals start at 105+ dB (silver)

Also Available for Members only:

MECA club logo - red

SPL (Sound Pressure League) silver

SQL (Sound Quality League) silver

MECA Show and Shine - red logo on white background

MECA Events Schedule Information

Welcome to the MECA Events Schedule.  By default, you are looking at this season's full event schedule.

Single Point events are in Blue, Double Pointers are in Green . Triple Pointers are in RedQuadruple Pointers are in Orange,

To see the flyer for the event, click on the name of the event.  To see more details, including the Event Director's name and contact information, click on the Details link.  If an event has already happened, click on the Results link to view the results for that event.

All MECA Events are scheduled to occur regardless of the weather conditions.  Events are only cancelled when the safety and security of our Members, their families, and their vehicles are at risk.  If you have any doubt that an event may be occuring, please contact the Host or Event Director for that event to make sure.

Events Schedule

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11/10/2013 Autosound Smackdown GlendaleAZ 1 Details Results
11/10/2013 Streetwise Sounds Car Show  TR 3 Details Results
12/7/2013 Holiday Jam --- AZ/NV Sound Challenge 1 TempeAZ 2 Details Results
12/14/2013 AZ/NV Sound Challenge 2 Las VegasNV 2 Details Results
12/14/2013 Toys For Tots Concert Car Showdown SacramentoCA 1 Details Results
12/15/2013 Toys For Tots SPL Smackdown SacramentoCA 1 Details Results
12/15/2013 Toys For Tots LebanonTN 1 Details Results
1/12/2014 3rd Annual Winter Soundfest GlendaleAZ 3 Details Results
1/26/2014 East Valley SPL Sound-Off MesaAZ 1 Details Results
2/15/2014 Sacramento Autorama SacramentoCA 3 Details Results
2/23/2014 Freezefest LebanonTN 3 Details Results
2/23/2014 East Valley SPL Smackdown II MesaAZ 1 Details Results
3/16/2014 East Valley SPL Smackdown III MesaAZ 1 Details Results
3/16/2014 SBN Tune Up StuartFL 1 Details Results
3/22/2014 CTA Expo HendersonvilleTN 2 Details Results
3/22/2014 Spring Break Nationals 28 Daytona BeachFL 3 Details Results
3/22/2014 NorCal MobileWarz FresnoCA 2 Details Results
3/23/2014 Ohio Autosound Challenge I ColumbusOH 2 Details Results
3/30/2014 April Fool's Fest LebanonTN 2 Details Results
3/30/2014 Bluegrass Bangin I ElizabethtownKY 2 Details Results
3/30/2014 Bling UR Ride San FernandoTR 3 Details Results
4/12/2014 The Hobby SQL Concert Car Showdown & Show & Shine LebanonTN 2 Details Results
4/13/2014 The Hobby SPL Smackdown LebanonTN 2 Details Results
4/13/2014 WC Sound Smackdown ColumbusOH 1 Details Results
4/19/2014 Unique Sound Smackdown MattoonIL 2 Details Results
4/19/2014 NorCal MobileWarz San JoseCA 3 Details Results
4/26/2014 Sunshine State Sound-off I OrlandoFL 2 Details Results
4/26/2014 Bluegrass Bangin II ElizabethtownKY 2 Details Results
4/27/2014 East Valley SPL Smackdown MesaAZ 1 Details Results
4/27/2014 Smokies Spring Slam KnoxvilleTN 2 Details Results
5/3/2014 DC's Autosound Challenge I EvansvilleIN 1 Details Results
5/4/2014 Ohio Autosound Challenge II ColumbusOH 2 Details Results
5/10/2014 Expo St CroixVI 3 Details Results
5/10/2014 SoCal Sound-off I RiversideCA 2 Details Results
5/17/2014 Ryan Bartlett Memorial VacavilleCA 2 Details Results
5/18/2014 AudioX Quad Cities Jam FlorenceAL 2 Details Results
5/24/2014 Lo-Life Rumble (formerly Slammin' N Jammin') LebanonTN 2 Details Results
5/31/2014 Party In The Park III ElizabethtownKY 2 Details Results
6/1/2014 Hoosier Experience Showdown I MarionIN 2 Details Results
6/1/2014 Ohio Autosound Challenge III ColumbusOH 2 Details Results
6/7/2014 DC's Autosound Challenge II EvansvilleIN 1 Details Results
6/7/2014 Aggieland Invitational Regional Soundoff College StationTX 3 Details Results
6/21/2014 Bluegrass SPL Smackdown I Cave CityKY 1 Details Results
6/22/2014 Bluegrass SPL Smackdown II Cave CityKY 1 Details Results
6/22/2014 June Jams LebanonTN 2 Details Results
6/28/2014 NorCal MobileWarz ModestoCA 2 Details Results
7/5/2014 DC's Autosound Challenge III EvansvilleIN 2 Details Results
7/12/2014 Midwest Audiofest and Parts Express Tent Sale SpringboroOH 2 Details Results
7/12/2014 NV MobileWarz RenoNV 3 Details Results
7/13/2014 The Vinny LebanonTN 3 Details Results
7/19/2014 Sunshine State Sound-off II OrlandoFL 2 Details Results
7/20/2014 Party in the Park IV ElizabethtownKY 2 Details Results
7/27/2014 Shake The Lake EriePA 2 Details Results
8/2/2014 DC's Autosound Challenge IV EvansvilleIN 1 Details Results
8/9/2014 Slammin 4 Soldiers DaytonOH 1 Details Results
8/9/2014 Team SinS NorCal MobileWarz San JoseCA 2 Details Results
8/10/2014 Bristol Fall Slam BristolVA 2 Details Results
8/23/2014 Bluegrass SPL Smackdown III Cave CityKY 1 Details Results
9/13/2014 Indiana Soundfest - State Finals EvansvilleIN 3 Details Results
9/13/2014 Sunshine State Sound-off III OrlandoFL 2 Details Results
9/14/2014 TN Soundfest - State Finals LebanonTN 3 Details Results
9/21/2014 CA Soundfest - State Finals TBACA 3 Details Results
9/27/2014 PBK for St. Judes HuntsvilleAL 1 Details Results
9/27/2014 Party in the Park V - State Finals Warm-up ElizabethtownKY 1 Details Results
9/28/2014 KY Soundfest - State Finals ElizabethtownKY 3 Details Results
9/28/2014 Alabama Soundfest - State Finals FlorenceAL 3 Details Results